The overhead crane business is one which demands an unyielding commitment to quality and reliability. A faulty or underpowered crane can result in the destruction of property, construction delays, or even gross bodily injury and death. As such, Hoosier Crane has worked hard to ensure that their overhead cranes, overhead crane kits, jib cranes, replacement parts and accessories are of only the finest quality and always in the best state of repair. Hoosier crane is a crane company that you can trust, with a long track record of superior performance and quality. Hoosier uses only the finest parts and the most highly qualified technicians to ensure that every crane they offer works perfectly the first time, every time. This means that if you choose Hoosier Crane for your overhead crane needs, you can rely on those cranes to be as hardworking and reliable as you are.

Why Choose Hoosier Crane?
Hoosier Crane is committed to ensuring the safety and quality of their cranes. Each one is subject to regular inspections to examine any potential faults or problems. Suspect cranes are immediately subjected to more intense examinations and maintenance in order to prevent small problems from becoming large ones. Only the finest replacement parts, installed by the most highly qualified technicians, are good enough for Hoosier Crane. Hoosier Crane knows how important a good overhead crane is to a job site, and they are committed to the quality and reliability of their cranes. All of this hard work and dedication is not only good in terms of safety, it ensures that jobs are not held up by defective or inoperable cranes.

The Hoosier Crane Difference
While there’s no doubt that Hoosier Crane uses the finest overhead crane parts and crane accessories. Hoosier Crane is also home to some of the finest overhead crane service technicians in the state of Indiana. Hoosier Crane cares about it’s employees and ensures that they have what they need to get the job done, which gives them the time and resources they need to take care of our valued customers. Hoosier Crane’s employees know that the work they do on any crane brought in for repairs is not just a reflection of Hoosier Crane’s integrity, but of their own skills and abilities. Hoosier Crane’s service technicians repair every crane with the sort of care and dedication they use on Hoosier’s own cranes. The finest parts and the most dedicated technicians mean that Hoosier Crane is the best choice for crane service in the state of Indiana.

Hoosier Crane has been serving Indiana’s crane needs for many years. We know the market, but more importantly we know what our customers need and how to supply those needs. Our superior service, parts and training allows us to offer the finest overhead cranes, jib cranes, and crane repair service in the entire state of Indiana. If you choose Hoosier Crane for your crane needs, you can feel confident in the safety and quality that Hoosier Crane has come to stand for. Quality, service and reliability are what have made Hoosier Crane the company that it is today, and we are constantly striving to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Hoosier Crane is your source for overhead cranes, overhead crane kits, overhead crane parts, jib cranes, crane replacement parts, and crane accessories.

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