(Submit Articles) Humidifiers do not get much attention these days, which is ridiculous considering the comfort control, health benefits and energy savings that they can offer. And winter is actually the season for humidifiers because the furnace in your house, no matter what type of heater you use, will cause the air in your home to dry out. Did not know this? Well, trust me humidifiers are not just for famous singers that need to keep their lungs moist. Here are 5 great benefits about humidifiers that you might want to consider:

Humidifier Benefits

  • Humidifiers can increase warmth in your home and
  • Relieve cold symptoms, dry skin and lips
  • Reduce sinus infection, static shock, and nose bleeds
  • Protect wood and other furnishings from buckling and cracking,
  • And they can help you save energy. How? With a humidifier you can set your thermostat 2-4 degrees lower while feeling the same comfort level.

Warm vs. Cool Humidifiers

You can get the same benefits from a cool or warm mist humidifier. The choice you make will come down to what type of climate you live in. If it is a warm one you would not want to add heat to your already warm house and vice versa. But no matter what type of humidifier you choose you want to make sure it does not disperse of mineral dust. This can cause numerous health issues, including congestion, coughing and wheezing.

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