Georgia Weight Loss Center Releases How to Guide

21 Jan

Heartland Total Body has composed a “Combat Holiday Weight Gain” how to guide to assist their patients in selecting non-surgical treatments to combat weight gain.

Stockbridge, GA — January 21, 2016
Heartland Total Body, a weight loss and liposuction center in Stockbridge, GA has designed a visual resource to assist current and potential patients with research on combatting weight gain during the holiday season and into the New Year. Led by Dr. Dwayne Watkins, Heartland Total Body has created this How to Guide to assist those researching cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that contour the body and reduce unwanted fat, revitalizing their appearance for the New Year.

The guide is themed towards Heartland Total Body’s brand with graphics, colors, and a sleek design. The “Combat Holiday Weight Gain” How to Guide gives detailed information on a variety of cosmetic procedures such as Laser Liposuction, a laser-assisted liposuction procedure, B-12 injections, Lipovite, and HCG, administered to lose weight successfully along with boosting the metabolic rate.

The “Combat Holiday Weight Gain” How to Guide will be readily available on the blog and is search engine optimized to allow all users looking for ways to revitalize their appearance for the New Year find the infographic online. With this new resource, the staff at Heartland Total Body hopes to guide patients through their plastic surgery decision-making process.

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