Free samples by mail can fetch you some great deals. There are many products and services like, groceries, movie tickets, apparels, cosmetics, baby products, electronics, home appliances, household goods, food samples, entertainment, beauty products, diet and fitness, and much more. The concept behind offering freebies is to promote sales and interact with the customers. It is a pre-selling technique adopted by merchants. Free stuff enables buyers to try samples before purchasing the product. It is like testing of a product or service to check if it meets your requirements and satisfies your needs. This concept of marketing is beneficial for both, the merchant as well as the customer. Customers get a chance to use the product and merchants can get some mouth to mouth publicity if the customer likes a product or service. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

While there are some genuine companies that offer stuff for free, there are some bad apples too. Online scams are quite common and some sites try to collect your personal information like your email address or the Internet protocol address. Be careful of sites that ask you to download some software on your personal computer. They can be fake and may spread malware and virus in your computer. Though this concept is a great way of trying new products and services, it has some risks attached. We throw some light on the free stuff 2009.

How to Search For Genuine Freebies

There are several bad players in the market, and it is important to distinguish the good players from the bad ones. You have to be alert while registering for free stuff 2010. Firstly, do not proceed with the transaction that asks you to download some software on your computer, it will most likely contain virus or spyware. This is done with an intention to capture your personal information. Another important thing is to avoid companies that charge shipping and handling fees. They try to recover the cost of the product by exaggerating the shipping and handling fees. Do not proceed with such companies for they are not giving any free samples in fact, they are charging you the cost price. Do not share your credit card information on the website this is a strict no. Never reveal your credit card details or bank details for there are several Internet frauds happening every day. If you tread carefully and are alert, then there are no chances of fraudulent activities.

Benefits for Merchants
While freebies are beneficial for customers, they are also advantageous for merchants. Companies can use free stuff for promoting a product or service. Free coupons and discount coupons will certainly attract more customers and increase the demand. Once the customers are hooked on to your product or service, they will remain loyal to you. Happy and satisfied customers will bring in more sales and spread word of mouth publicity. Advertising campaigns when combined with free promotional stuff can make a huge difference to the sales figures. This concept is catching up among buyers as well as sellers and is a nice way of building rapport with the customers. In fact, some companies conduct surveys through free samples.

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