Giving Rewards to Keep Employees Going

11 Jan

(Submit Articles) The things that get rewarded are the things that get done. Keep this in mind when you become a manager. As a manager you need to know how to get things done through the help of your employees; and how to keep those that excel in their position.

Good employees that are really serious in their jobs and are working with their utmost skills and capabilities are very rare to find. That is why you need to take good care of them by knowing how to reward their good work.

Follow these simple yet effective principles on how to give rewards to different employee characteristics toward work.

Reward real solutions, not quick fixes. Provide frequent feedback to employees and formally evaluate them each year. Then reward employees who contribute to these goals.

Reward smart work, not busy work. In many companies, people are rewarded for looking busy. Therefore, they invent all sorts of ways to look busy. If you reward results, however, you will get results.

Begin by putting the right people in the right jobs. Give them the tools they need, and fully explain what is expected of them. Tell everyone they will be rewarded for results. Encourage employees to spend a few minutes each morning organizing their time, including setting goals for the day.

Reward simplification, not complexity. In some companies, everything is complicated because those who make the habit of complicating things have been rewarded.

Reward quietly effective people, not squeaky wheels. Many managers reward complainers and ignore those who actually do the work. Seek out those who quietly do a good job. Take a sincere interest in them, and they will perform even better. Ignore the chronic complainers.

Reward quality work, not just fast work. Doing the job right the first time lower the costs, increases productivity, and increases work pride. This is significant to any business including that of a folder printing company that needs to have quality custom folders at the first time of printing to avoid high cost and trash of everything, from paper uses in folders, ink, labor cost, time and effort. Worst case if the folders have a deadline and you haven’t printed it right. It would definitely give your company a headache. To avoid this kind of problem, it is best to identify those workers who value quality, not speed. Ask them to suggest ways to improve job performance. Reward employees who suggest improvements.

Reward creativity, not mindless conformity. A reasonable amount of conformity is necessary in every company. However, some managers let conformity stifle creativity. The most important asset in any business is the idea of encouraging your employees to be creative. Then reward them when they come up with good ideas.

(A young engineer named Steve Wozniak was bored with his job working on computer chips. He asked on three occasions if he could work on designing a personal computer. His manager said no each time. So, he built the first Apple computer in his garage and became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history.)

Reward loyalty. Enthusiastic long-term employees are the key to success in most companies. Reward loyalty by investing in continuing education for employees and promoting from within. If the company is in a difficult financial position, avoid lay-offs by cutting across the board pay, if necessary.

Giving rewards does not just mean that you want to keep them in your company; but also means that you appreciate good ideas and good work that they are doing to make your company successful.

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