(Submit Articles) The GPS Portable Navigation Device (PND) market has witnessed whopping growth during the last few years, owing to the constant price decline and surging consumer awareness regarding the benefits of the product. The PND market remained stagnant in 2009 due to global economic turmoil. According to our research report “World GPS Market Forecast to 2013“, globally, PND shipments will witness a compounded annual growth of just around 4% during 2010-2013. Slow growth is mainly due to the rapidly growing GPS-enabled handsets market that can function as PNDs due to the GPS receivers and navigation application software included in them.

According to the research, in cars, dedicated PNDs will continue to be the preferred form factor for use; however, they will be supplemented by handset-based systems for pedestrian navigation as well as new use cases such as, outdoors. Vendors are incessantly refining the user interface to facilitate command & control as well as improve the information presentation to enhance the competitiveness of PNDs. Novel models will slowly integrate 3D map features, automatic speech recognition technology, and photo-realistic textures.

Our research says that the PND market remained stagnant in 2009 due to global economic turmoil. However, in future, the PND shipments will continue to rise, but prices will continue to fall, thus putting pressure on the bottom line growth of manufacturers. Our team of experts found that European market accounts for majority of the PND market followed by Americas and the Asia Pacific region.

“World GPS Market Forecast to 2013“ provides a thorough study of the global RFID market by device, by subscriber, by applications, and by regions. The report covers key markets around the globe for instance, the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, South Korea, and India. Our team of experts has analyzed potential growth areas and its impact on industry verticals. The report also provides key players in the market like Garmin Ltd., Tom Tom international BV, and Mio Technology Corporation. The report aims to avail the latest information on global RFID industry.

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