Recycling is a hot topic at the moment in the UK and more is being done to encourage us to recycle our everyday items.

Coleford, UK, December 13, 2009 -- Recycling is a hot topic at the moment in the UK and more is being done to encourage us to recycle our everyday items. One of the problems faced is that not all homes and offices have recycling bins close at hand, which means that a lot of items are still being sent to landfill sites across the UK causing CO2 emissions to rise.

Acorn Office Accessories Ltd based in Coleford, Gloucestershire are trying to change that by not just offering recycling bins for sale but the bins themselves are made from recycled materials with up to 70% recycled fibre content.

The offering includes bins for home and office and include:
Desktop recycling boxes ““ ideal for waste paper
Desk side bins ““ cans, plastic and paper
Printer cartridge recycling bins
Mobile phone bins
Large bins suitable for retail outlets“¦
Home recycling centre bins ““ for plastics, paper, tins

The bins are not only made from recycled materials themselves but they are also attractive and extremely practical. Take for instance the Desk side bin, this bin sits neatly alongside your desk and has several receptacles for different sorts of recycling, this means that you do not have to move from your desk in order to bin and more importantly recycle your waste be it a drinks can/ bottle or paper.

All of the recycling bins manufactured are made with the environment in mind, the bins contain high levels of recycled materials content, are manufactured in the UK within a radius of 99 miles of the distribution centre, completely biodegradable and the remaining product source is sustainable.

Being able to recycle your waste quickly and efficiently is surely the easiest way to help the environment as most people when faced to make a small trip in order to recycle will just place the items in a normal waste bin which obviously goes to a landfill site. So by having simple and easy access to a recycling bin in both the home and the office this will surely increase the amount of waste recycled.

Recycling bins can be purchased simply from their website and with plenty to choose from you can quickly equip your home, office or school into a recycling haven.

Helping to lower CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill by recycling is a choice we can all make and a responsibility we carry to help save the environment and the world we live in for future generations.

Andrew Barle
Acorn Offices Accessories LTD
Crucible Close, Mushet Park
Coleford GL16 8RE UK
01594 810 610
[email protected]

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