Glucosamine Is Potentially Effective for Fighting Multiple Sclerosis

14 Jan

Orlando, FL — January, 2016 — Multiple sclerosis is a medical condition that causes unpredictable symptoms with varying intensity. There are various symptoms typically experienced by sufferers, and this is why they resort to certain measures believed to be helpful for the condition.

Glucosamine is potentially effective for fighting multiple sclerosis. There are sufferers who experience numbness and fatigue. There are also severe cases that cause vision loss, paralysis, and reduced brain function.

According to statistics, there are an estimated number of 2.3 million individuals worldwide who suffer from the condition. The National MS Society even reveals that women are more likely to suffer from the condition than men. A major risk factor is family history.

Since the condition is a progressive autoimmune disorder, the immune system mistakenly attacks certain parts of the body that are essential for everyday function. While the cause of the condition is still unknown, it was first discovered in 1868.
“There are symptoms associated with the condition such as vision problems, tingling, and numbness,” said Divine Bounty spokesperson, Melissa Scott.
According to the scientists from the University of California, a glucosamine-like supplement had the ability to suppress the damaging autoimmune response present in multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Michael Demetriou, Ani Grigorian and colleagues reveal in The Journal of Biological Chemistry that the supplement has inhibited the function and growth of abnormal T-cells, These T-cells trigger the immune system of multiple sclerosis sufferers to destroy the central nervous system tissue, which insulates nerves.

In a laboratory experiment, mice with MS-like autoimmune disease were given GlcNAc. It was found that the supplement has been able to suppress T-cell hyperactivity and autoimmune response.

There are many other therapeutic benefits associated with the use of glucosamine. This healing ingredient can be found around the joints, and is widely used by individuals who suffer from arthritis.

Arthritis sufferers prefer to use natural alternatives such as glucosamine supplements as they are believed to be safer and effective. The use of pain management drugs has been associated with a range of side effects. This has led many arthritis sufferers to resort to natural measures such as glucosamine.

Individuals who suffer from multiple sclerosis may use glucosamine supplements. This natural alternative is believed to offer a range of health benefits, in addition to its pain relieving effects among osteoarthritis sufferers.

Some of the best glucosamine supplements available in the market contain other ingredients. These therapeutic ingredients are also associated various health benefits (

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