CALABASAS, CA ““ March 15, 2010 ““ A famous frog once said “It’s not easy being green,“ well it actually is rather easy ““ and inexpensive ““ to be green, Kermit just never met the Fuel Doctor USA. The revolutionary Fuel Doctor USA’s FD-47 allows eco-conscious consumers to save gas and money while helping the environment by reducing the pollutants emitted into the air.

Fuel Doctor USA’s FD-47 is the fuel efficiency booster. The FD-47 increases a vehicles miles per gallon (MPG) through power conditioning of the vehicles electrical systems. Conditioned and clean power allows the vehicles electronic control unit (ECU), fuel injection and engine timing equipment to operate more efficiently. When the vehicles engine runs more efficiently it will require less fuel, produce more power and have reduced exhaust emissions (reduced CO2). As a vehicle matures, the power systems tend to generate and experience more electrical noise or electrical interference. This noise can have many detrimental effects on the vehicles systems and decrease their efficiency. The FD-47 simply plugs into the cigarette/power outlet and the power conditioning qualities of the FD-47 help to reduce and remove this noise and to restore your vehicles efficiency.

Fuel Doctor USA’s FD-47 was tested by The Automobile Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center. This U.S. EPA and CARB recognized independent test laboratory states, “The majority of the Carbon (99%) coming out of an engine is in the form of CO2. This means that improvements in fuel economy result in reduced CO2 emissions“. Other tests were conducted on the FD-47 by superior automotive and engineering authorities including BOSCH (Ledico), TestCar, and Kett Engineering. These testing results found that the FD-47 increases fuel economy (up to 25%), which results in fewer CO2 emissions.

Each year, by using the FD-47, under normal driving conditions consumers will reduce the CO2 pollutants their vehicles emit into the air by thousands of pounds. It’s a truly effortless yet rewarding act, “JUST PLUG IN and keep it in“ states Fuel Doctor USA CEO, Mark Soffa, “it’s really that simple, and maintenance free.“

Best Buy, the nation’s largest electronic retailer, officially launched Fuel Doctor USA’s FD-47 in their stores last month.

Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day this year, all year with Fuel Doctor USA and reduce your carbon footprint.

About The Fuel Doctor USA:
The Fuel Doctor USA’s FD-47 will significantly change the rate of fuel consumption for consumers, saving them money and the environment one car at a time. FD-47's cutting-edge technology increases fuel economy which results in decreased CO2 emissions. Fuel Doctor USA has officially joined the ranks of new companies using science and technology to effectively lessen environmental damage. To learn more about Fuel Doctor USA please go to

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