(Submit Articles) The financial crisis has led the Government to come up with a range of government mortgage help programs. But they can be a little difficult to find. Ads that talk about the new legislation seldom lead a person onto the right path. Here is a review of the programs and places where a person can get government mortgage assistance.

Government Mortgage Help Programs

The most sensible way to obtain genuine advice is to talk to a HUD-approved counselor. The counselor will offer authentic information about the help programs and how does a person qualify. They'll know everything that is available after discussing the loan takers situation.


A person does not have to pay any fee for these help programs. Analysis and counseling is absolutely free. In fact, the homeowner must be wary of somebody who asks for a fee.

Be Careful of Scams:

If a person does a loan modification with a lender, he or she will have to pay some fee. But it is not a part of the government program; it is only an agreement the borrower comes to with the bank or the lender. Some genuine government help with mortgage programs contain modification.

Loan Modification Basics:

If a person decides to refinance, he or she might also have to pay some fee and costs. But, this fee is paid to the lender, not to the counselor.


To make use of the benefits of the programs offered by the government, a person must ensure that he or she is eligible for it. Some conditions for eligibility are discussed below.

The rules set by the government state that to seek help, the mortgages have to have originated on First of January 2009 or prior. As per the mortgage rules, it is only the first mortgages which qualify for the assistance. If a person has borrowed more cash than the value of the house, he or she is not eligible for the government mortgage help. Also, if the house is the primary residence of the borrower, he or she may not be eligible for the refinancing option. The program makes use of the money gathered in tax to assist the homeowner. Therefore, as a real estate investor, a person certainly can't make use of the taxpayer's money to bail out him or herself.

Basically, government aid can only be used if homeowners meet the required guidelines.

Online Assistance

To speed up the whole process of getting a loan and notify the homeowners, the state is making efforts to offer the info online. For example, webinar has become a very popular tool to explain government mortgage help options. Internet is a very convenient option, as it's an all-encompassing technology today. These sessions that are designed to instruct homeowners about the eligibility criteria for various different programs takes about two hours.

The programs offered by the government are a ray of light for homeowners. Under a rough recessionary time, the government mortgage help programs are a much-required relief. By tendering incentives to banks and other financial institutions, these programs aim to generate an appropriate environment for modifications of loan. But, there are certain criteria a person needs to fulfill to qualify.

You will learn all about the Government Mortgage Help Program and how this mortgage program is helping homebuyers make their dreams come true.

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