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UK retailers have been finding it increasingly difficult to find UK point of sale manufacturers that really understand the needs of businesses today. The GPX Group has 60 years of experience to offer, and 2,500 suggestions.
Tamworth, United Kingdom, 15th June 2010 – UK businesses have been finding it increasingly challenging to find UK point of sale manufacturers and suppliers that are able to really understand the needs of both high end blue chip companies and small retailers needing to boost product visibility and promote sales. Many of those display units currently available are either shelf-based, reducing product visibility, or are shipped from overseas manufacturers at too high a price.
GPX group is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of UK point of sale solutions, offering 2,500 unique designs ideally suited to help retailers promote their products in a tried and tested way that maximises product visibility and has a proven track record of helping increase sales.
For over 60 years the GPX Group have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of UK point of sale stands and displays for everything from jewellery to pencils and from sunglasses to sweets, with every display stand manufactured on site and delivered direct to retailers. This has allowed the GPX Group to remain both extremely competitive on price whilst also remaining in touch with the needs of retailers in terms of how their limited space can be maximised through the design of innovative and effective display stands.
With many of their 2,500 products made from toughened acrylic, the stands themselves are transparent, maximising light and product visibility, increasing the number of sales and product interest from customers considerably. Tough and durable, the UK point of sale stands from the GPX Group are designed not just to look good and work hard in promoting products, but to be able to withstand daily wear and tear with ease.
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About GPX Group
GPX Group has over 60 years' experience working in the UK to design and produce over 2,500 different types of product display stands.

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