Grape Seed Extract Has the Potential to Aid in Weight Loss

01 Sep

Orlando, FL — September 01, 2016 -  Wine and grapes have long been believed to be highly therapeutic. These consumables may be associated with a range of health benefits. They may also be helpful to individuals who want to manage a healthy weight.

Grape seed extract has the potential to aid in weight loss. Today, there are many people who are suffering from obesity. Being overweight or obese can increase one’s risk of developing a range of medical conditions.

It can be quite easy to gain weight versus losing excess pounds. There are a variety of food and beverages that are commercially available and have low nutritional values and could contribute to weight gain.

According to statistics, more than 60 million people in the United States are now considered obese. It has even been considered to be an epidemic. Unfortunately, obesity is the primary risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Another alarming fact is that around 90% of all diabetes cases are type 2. Insulin resistance is the precursor condition to diabetes.

Having a healthy diet and lifestyle is essential in maintaining a healthy weight. However, practicing these healthy habits can sometimes be less than perfect. Grape seed extract is believed to be helpful for individuals who are trying to lose weight.

Grape seed extracts have abundant levels of polyphenolic compounds, which may have anti-obesity effects. These compounds are also believed to have the potential to enhance insulin sensitivity, which is the exact opposite of insulin resistance.  There are notable types of these compounds, and they are the two types of flavonoids called anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins.

According to the January 2007 issue of the Revolutionary Antiaging Discovery with Resveratrol, grape seed extracts may also contain nonflavonoid polyphenols called resveratrol, which some believe to be a longevity-inducing compound.

In 2003, a team of American researchers published a study that suggested that the ingestion of natural antioxidants that are rich in proanthocyanidins such as grape seed extract may be found to enhance insulin sensitivity.  The researchers also indicated that it has been able to ameliorate free radical formation as well as possibly decreasing the symptoms of chronic age-related disorders.

Individuals who want to take advantage of the potentially beneficial impact of these antioxidants may consume grapes and other food sources. However, it may be a better option is to utilize resveratrol supplements.

Some of the more popular resveratrol supplements are believed to offer more potential benefits due to the combination of ingredients they contain. Some of these ingredients are extracts of red wine, green tea, Acai fruit, and grape seed.
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