11 Aug

Toronto pest control company uses natural methods to halt ant infestations

Toronto – The Ants Go Marching is a children’s song depicting soldierly ants marching down to the ground to get out of the rain. Unfortunately, ants do not always remain in the ground. They march through cracks in a home or building looking for water or food. Before ants get a toehold and become a serious infestation, the GreenLeaf Pest Control team of Toronto is ready to help with eco-friendly treatments to remove the pests without over-reliance on toxic chemicals that can be hazardous to humans and the environment.

In Canada, two types of ants are the most common intruders—carpenter ants and pavement ants. Carpenter ants might sound like builders, when, in fact, they are just the opposite. These half-inch long creatures tunnel through wood to build their nests. They prefer damp or decaying wood, but will invade dry wood, as well. They enter through cracks around doors and windows or gaps in exterior walls. Pavement ants, on the other hand, live in the ground, but they don’t always stay there. Just one-eighth inch long, pavement ants forage for food. They come inside through cracks and along pipes and settle into walls, insulation, and under floors.

As preventive measures, GreenLeaf suggests free and eco-smart ways to prevent ant infestations. Since ants need water to survive, homeowners should clean up standing water, both inside and outside. In addition, GreenLeaf recommends trimming shrubs and trees close to the house and removing wood piles. Good housekeeping habits help, too. Keeping surfaces clear of crumbs, grease, and food remnants ensures that exploring ants won’t find meals at the ready.

To protect a home from unwanted ants and other pests, GreenLeaf offers a Home Protection Plan that includes state-of-the-art nontoxic methods to treat the property inside and out. A GreenLeaf technician does a thorough inspection, identifies pests that might be evident, treats affected areas, monitors the site, and communicates with the homeowner. After the initial service, GreenLeaf continues to monitor and treat the home, concentrating on the exterior.

GreenLeaf Pest Control is a licensed company that specializes in an environmentally sensitive approach to managing insect and pest infestations with their integrated pest management (IPM) approach. To stop ants in their tracks and send them marching back outdoors where they belong, call GreenLeaf at 416.998.9473, or visit them on the web at

About GreenLeaf Pest Control: GreenLeaf Pest Control specializes in environmentally friendly pest control in Toronto. By focusing on changing and educating the way people perceive pest control, their mission is to provide an effective, proactive program that is preventive in approach and uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and their very own Environmental Pest Management (EPM) solutions. To contact GreenLeaf Pest Control, call 416.998.9473, email [email protected], or visit

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