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Greenway Jets See the Big Difference!

There are a lot of jet companies around the globe, but what set us apart from them is that, we always make one thing for sure and that is we are friends with Mother Nature.

We do not only give satisfaction to our valued clients but we also give our best shot to guarantee you that we are not hurting or causing any harm to our most beloved mother nature. To give you an idea, every time you fly with us, we offset the CO2 your flight produces; virtually erasing your carbon footprint on the environment, and that is all for free. This is how committed we are to our environment.

Aside from that, to be able keep our environmental effect as low as possible, we use recycled materials and sustainable goods. As for our employees, we encourage them to use email technology to send promotions about our company. Instead of using papers and the likes, emails will suffice it.

The location of our company is the first ever LEED certified office building. As you can see we are indeed responsible on providing a healthy working environment to our own employees. We believe that you can always combine being healthy and working hard.

Greenway Jet Charter gives the best service ever, type of service that you will never forget. We make sure that we meet your standards as much as we can. Five star service quality at your reach. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are just one phone call away.

Whatever your needs are we have it. Whether it is a large or small party, we have the jet that will fit your needs while maintaining a carbon free trip.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers while maintaining a green and clean environment. Join us as we pursue that goal.

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