GreenWorld BVI Introduces High Yield Australian Farmland Investment

16 Mar

As GreenWorld BVI has seen increasing interest in its global farmland investments and agriculture investments from retail investors, it has responded to this interest by rolling out a farmland investment in Australia.

Peter Thompson, marketing director at GreenWorld, noted that farmland in Europe and the UK was at least 15 times more expensive than farmland in Australia, presenting savvy investors with an unprecedented opportunity to purchase a cheap asset that was bound to rise in price.  Located in western Australia in the heart of the Australian wheatbelt, GreenWorld’s farmland investment in Australia focuses on wheat which has been on a consistent upward climb for nearly one decade.

Thompson noted the following advantages of GreenWorld’s Australian farmland investment:

  • Average Price of an Acre of Farmland in England:  Over £6,000/Approximately US$9,300
  • Average Price of an Acre Farmland in America:  Approximately US$10,000
  • Average price of an Acre in GreenWorld’s Australian Project:  Approximately US$600

This Australian farmland project yields less due to the dryer climate in Australia, but nowhere close to 15 times less which is what it is priced at.  There are undervalued opportunities left in the world –  and GreenWorld believes that farmland in Australia is one of them.  One big advantage:  China is buying heavily into Australian farmland due to China’s concerns with food security.  To cap it off, Jim Rogers has been making substantial investments in Australian farmland, which is a great endorsement of the value in this project.

High yield, excellent capital value upside and a great inflation hedge.  And due diligence on the project has also been done by an independent FSA-regulated consultancy.

GreenWorld focuses on searching out “best of breed” hard asset alternative investments for its clients, and the firm currently offers the following opportunities to individual investors.  For UK investors, all of GreenWorld’s products are eligible as SIPP investments: 

  • Timber Investments
  • Farmland Investments
  • International Property Investments in Boutique Emerging Markets Hotels
  • Renewable Energy Investments
  • Carbon Credit Investments

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