HealthyWiser digital pH meter perfect for easier swimming pool water pH test

14 Sep

Get to know more about HealthyWiser’s digital pH meter

A customer on Amazon noted how testing swimming pool water can be a tedious task. Nevertheless, testing swimming pool water pH should be done regularly to keep them from bacteria and algae. Fortunately, customer Joanna Hodges found HealthyWiser’s digital pH meter for her swimming pool water.

“The meter allows us to stay on top of those levels that can affect the water we are swimming in,” she wrote on Amazon. “[I am] always looking for ways to limit pool maintenance expenses, I was excited when I was able to get this pH tester.”

Hodges further shared how she found HealthyWiser’s digital pH meter with ATC or automatic temperature compensation easier to use. The digital pH meter is equipped with a backlit LCD screen so pH tests at night can still be doable. The product can be used to test pH levels at all ranges.

“The slim design of the pH tester makes it easy to pop in my pocket when I head out to do the required daily water tests and pool maintenance. The electrodes that are vital for accurate readings stay protected with a nicely fitted snap on cap, until ready to use,” Hodges explained further.

The HealthyWiser digital pH meter

The HealthyWiser digital pH meter with ATC is a product that provides accurate pH tests. It has a digital LCD screen that shows pH readings quicker. The product has an auto calibration function that ensures every water pH test is always precise

Aside from swimming pools, the HealthyWiser digital pH meter also offers great benefits for laboratories and homes. The product is also used to test the pH of drinking water, filtration systems and more. For more information about HealthyWIser’s digital pH meter, visit their Amazon page.

“I have used this while watering my plants and it is just in line with the more expensive ones I have bought, very easy to use and very easy to clean. If you are an indoor grower, having this little pH meter will help you maintain pH count you need,” another customer shared on Amazon.

About the company

As a rising brand in the field of cosmetics and nutritional product manufacturing, HealthyWiser has evenly made a statement with their products. The products that are distributed in the United States are considered by specialists as some of the best alternatives for consumers.

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