HealthyWiser Tips: Learn Some Recipes For The Ketogenic Diet With Asian-Style Cooking

19 Aug

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It is not easy to shift from a regular diet to a ketogenic diet since this special diet takes away the carbohydrate content from the meal and adds fat as the main energy source. But for someone who is sitting at the same table with a person on a ketogenic diet, the feeling is mutual — how the non-ketogenic diet taker wishes to become part of the process because there are various ketogenic recipes that are so exciting.

If a person on the ketogenic diet wants to explore on different tastes, then the recipes in this HealthyWiser article are for you. Read the rest of this article to see some of the best ketogenic recipes with the Asian-style cooking, from sushi rolls to spicy Asian chicken salad.

Five-Minute Spicy Asian Chicken Salad

This spicy Asian chicken salad recipe shared by Linda Wagner on her website is gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and — most importantly — low-carb. It can also be a diet for those on the Paleo diet. This can be prepared within just five minutes, believe it or not.

To make this recipe, someone just needs shredded carrots, black sesame seeds, slaw, shredded kale, finely sliced jalapeno, rotisserie chicken, lime juice. For the spices, people need to prepare tamari or a gluten-free soy sauce or any regular soy sauce, stevia and siracha.

Within five minutes, just mix all the ingredients inside a covered container and shake until they are well mixed. You can add or reduce flavors if needed. Pour the salad into the bowls and enjoy the dish.

Ketogenic Sushi Rolls

There are people and food lovers who believe that a person has not tried Asian if they have not tasted sushi rolls. Sushi rolls are the image of Asian cuisine. There are people who also believe that sushi rolls have so many carbohydrates and cholesterol — especially with the rice — that those on a ketogenic diet will want to give this favorite up.

But there is a ketogenic friendly sushi roll that those on a ketogenic diet can try. It only requires some modifications on the ingredients. The ingredients are cauliflower, cream cheese, unseasoned rice vinegar, soy sauce, nori sheets, avocado, cucumber, and any seafood preferably crabs or smoked salmon. For the recipe, visit the website Ruled.Me.

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