Heart In Diamond Offers To Owners Eternalize Their Deceased Pet

27 Sep

Leicestershire, United Kingdom; 27, September 2016: For many people, their pets are a part of the family. It's often an upsetting time when those pets die and make their final journey to the Rainbow Bridge. It often gets said that time is a healer for those mourning the loss of their pets. They might not be around anymore, but they are never forgotten by their owners.

Many owners often seek ways to eternalize the memories they have of their pets. One company, Heart In Diamond, has come with an innovative way to do just that. They offer a service to create beautiful diamonds from a pet's fur or ashes. It enables owners to hold onto special memories of their pets forever.

A simple five-step process

Turning pet ashes into diamonds is an easy five-step process thanks to Heart in Diamond.

First of all, customers can select their preferred memorial diamond from several available options. All diamonds are grown in Heart in Diamond's in-house laboratory over a period of just months. Customers can choose from five different color options and three cuts.

Second, clients can select from one of over 500 different settings. It allows customers to choose the perfect diamond to help eternalize their pets.

The third step involves sending Heart in Diamond one's pet fur or ashes. To create the diamond, their laboratory requires 2/3 cup of cremated ashes or 1/2 cup of fur. It's possible to send a combination of ashes and fur should a client wish to do so.

Once that step is complete, the fourth one involves the creation of the diamond. Because of the unique process involved, one must allow a waiting time of 70 to 120 days. Heart in Diamond offers the fastest turnaround in the memorial diamond industry.

Last, but not least, the final step in the process involves the delivery of one's new diamond. In most cases, that step gets completed in person by one of the firm's consultants. Should that not be possible, an insured courier can get used to ship the diamond.

The science behind a memorial diamond

Many people often wonder what gets involved in the diamond creation process. Once Heart in Diamond receives the fur or ashes from a client, their lab carries out an analysis on them. Once that gets completed, the carbon from the sample provided gets added to a growing diamond. Doing so ensures a 100% unique diamond grows.

Next, the extracted carbon gets added to a high-pressure, high-temperature machine. The carbon mix gets exposed to temperatures that mimic the Earth's core. Doing so ensures the diamond grows in a similar way to how it does in the Earth's crust.

About Heart in Diamond:

Heart in Diamond is an international company that creates memorial diamonds. The company boasts in-house facilities to create unique diamonds. It allows them to offer clients a service that will help them eternalize memories of pets and loved ones.

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