Helpful Tips from Getrend Brand to Childproof Your Home + Reaching Goal

18 Aug

Getrend recently shared helpful tips on childproofing homes to help parents ensure the safety of their child at home. The company also announced its goal to reach 10,000 customers by the end of this year.

Getrend has already served 2,000 customers in only 5 months, but they are not planning to stop here. They have expressed their desire to reach out to more customers and provide them with better products and services. Part of this goal is providing parents with childproofing tips to make their home safe for their children.

Parents are advised to create a list of possible dangers in their home and make these risks non-threatening to their child. This includes covering electrical outlets to prevent children from drilling their fingers into them. Securing bathroom toilet lid covers with lid locks is also important. There are safety gates that can be installed at the top of the stairs. Some have pressure mounted designs that will not damage walls. Parents should also secure cupboards, cabinets, drawers and other areas in the house with child safety locks to prevent their children from accessing anything behind those doors. Getrend Child Safety Locks are designed to provide parents with the most effective childproofing solution. Each box contains 6 pieces of proofing locks. The safety locks can be installed on a wide range of surfaces such as wood, stainless and glass. Every purchase of these safety locks also comes with free outlet plugs for covering open outlets.

The child safety locks from Getrend have reusable 3m adhesive PE foam that can be removed or replaced with ease. These locks can be used to secure doors, cabinets, fridge, shelf units and more. Foolproof and adult-friendly, Getrend Child Safety Locks can be installed without any drill or screw. These locks are also backed by a lifetime 100% satisfaction guarantee and come with 2 user manuals. One is included in the package and the other one will be delivered by mail. The product is now available on Amazon at

Getrend is also releasing a special 10% coupon that can be used by customers to save money on their next purchase of Getrend Child Safety Locks. This coupon will be given to the first 50 people. Those who will receive the coupon have to enter the coupon code “4Q2HGGSH” at checkout to receive the discount.
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