(Submit Articles) Hemorrhoids could be very painful and sometimes annoying especially when you poof. It is a swollen anal and varicose vein that can become so stretched that they push with great force and then could bleed and split. This is the main cause of the pain that a patient feels when they have hemorrhoids. It usually cause rectal bleeding, burning sensations, pain, inflammation itching and irritation because it could be difficult to keep clean.

On the other hand, there is various possible cause of this condition. The most common cause is excessive straining while you poof. Aging, chronic constipation, intercourse and chronic diarrhea are also some of the possible cause of hemorrhoids. The good news is that there are several things that can be available as a cure for this condition and it could be very inexpensive. In fact some of these ways does not require you to spend any amount.

All you have to do is to be determining enough and to exert enough effort to get rid of hemorrhoids. The first thing that you have to do is to apply an amount of baking soda to the affected area. This could be very helpful to get rid of the itch that a patient with hemorrhoids usually feels. After that, you have to slice onion and apply some on a cotton wool pad with honey and then apply it on the affected area for three hours. If this does not work to you then you can try spending an amount to purchase Vitamin E oil so you can apply some in the affected area. This brings a great deal when it comes to the pain and inflammation that a patient usually feels. In a point of fact, if you or your relatives are suffering from hemorrhoids then it is essential for you to have vitamin E oil for thorough pain relief. This is especially if the patient with this condition is a kid.

If you feel like something is bulky and itchy in your rectum then you have to be ready because it is one of the main signs of having hemorrhoids. Hence, if you have relatives and families who also have this or you are often seated almost all day at work and you are fond of eating spicy food then you are prone to having such condition. The best thing that you can do for prevention is to make take more water and liquid. This can help you develop a normal poof routine which can also be very helpful in avoiding hemorrhoids.

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