Henderson Associates, Complaints that not enough is being done to help small businesses.

Small business in the US are complaining that whilst they are struggling its unfair that they are not receiving help like the big corporations.

Larger companies have swallowed the stimulus cash keep them in business it seems the government’s attention has been making sure that these big established businesses don’tfall.

Only last week Henderson Associates reported that CIT the small business lender was in trouble and the government decided against bailing them out. If CIT go bankrupt then this may leave thousands of small to medium size business in trouble.

Without support CIT may end up taking down companies, Henderson Associates analyst say that the government is showing support with the big corporations and not the small business if they do not help CIT.

Sources from CIT told Henderson Associates that there has been nothing in the stimulus package to help small businesses. Small business in the US takes up 99 percent of employees in the US so it is an issue that is important and should not be overlooked.

It seems that the cries for help have not fallen on deaf years as an Obama spokesperson told Henderson Associates that the US administration wants small business to be part of the reform effort and that they do want small business to be part of a thriving economy that drives the US forward.

Henderson Associates sources tell us that the US administration does have plans to buy small business loans for resale but this plan has yet to take shape as the plan was only outlined in March. Once the plan comes into effect the horizon for small business should look better.

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