Libraries are the Repository for Books, Journals, Serials, magazines, Newspapers and also for Non ““ Book materials like CDs, DVD, Maps, Micro films, Micro fitches etc.,
The impact of Libraries in the contemporary era is vastly influencing the concepts of self education, online education, e-learning, Digital Education. The availability of Distance mode of Education and self education has given more diversification for the students to acquire and procure vast knowledge from the libraries in their regular studies and research work as well. Libraries in the present era not only seen in the static form but also bestowing laborious services in the form of knowledge service to the present society in a mode of mobile form to every individual in the present society. As it is said that the libraries are the entity for storing of Knowledge and Information, which are also called as “Store houses and information Reservoirs“, bestows vital and vast information to the current society and disseminate informative sources to the in different sectors globally.
Libraries are playing a leading role in providing enormous, boundless information services for both the public and private sectors. The emerging of swift and rapid (minor to major), (general to specific) information from all around the world in all different fields like engineering, medical, health, industrial, Insurance, finance, Stock market, political, farming and irrigation etc., are becoming a hectic task for non-professionals to procure this vital information in a chronological and orchestrated form.
Mushrooming of vast libraries worldwide widely opening the doors for a professional job opportunity for all sort of youths in the society. Library Profession is not only providing services to the society, but also providing vast employment opportunities for all fields of graduates to pursue the course and giving the at most employment in the both the public and private sector entities especially in education institutions like, schools, Intermediate colleges, Under Graduate and Post Graduate Colleges, universities, Research Centers and Corporate bodies, not only this but also in the area of R & D, Science and Technology and many more. Around the world approximately 27% of other field employs are choosing to change their profession into the Library field for good employment.
Libraries became educational recreation not only in the institutions and R & D, but also becoming a major part of Corporate companies and MNCs like, WIPOR, Infosys, TCS, Microsoft, Satyam (Tech Mahindra) by establishing mini libraries and procuring very useful books, journals, magazines and news papers for the staff. The rapid change of computerization services like email, internet, web, chat network and transforming of manual system on to the digitalization process, which make the system quite amplifying the information services.
Libraries have its own entity and consisting of specific reorganization under All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and in the area of engineering running courses and for Medical Council of India (MCI) medical running colleges at the national level at the same the employment job opportunities are also abundant.