(Submit Articles) Each and every joint in the human body is a complex machine made up of bones, ligaments, cartilage, and lubricating fluid. These joints are forever moving throughout the lifespan of the individual. Sometimes these joints instead of moving freely could creek, stiffen and swell and hurt due to a variety of reasons like injury, strain, arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis. That;s when joint pain occurs. More specifically joint ache is due to the wearing away of the cartilage between the joints. Apart from being bothersome, joint ache could also increase with the frequency of the joint being used.

Although joint pain is commonplace it is likely to affect people beyond their middle age. Of all the treatments for joint pain, natural treatments are more effective and harmless as they are unlikely to initiate side effects. Joint pain herbal remedies are usually natural substances of plant origin. On the other hand OTC and prescription medications could cause damage to the kidney and liver.

OTC and prescription medication for the treatment of pain could also increase the risk of stroke or heart attack and therefore potentially harmful. So let's take a look at the different herbal remedies for joint pain that has evolved over the years. Some of these are practical therapies.

Two traditional Chinese medicines Kang Gu Zeng Sheng Pian and Juan Bi Tang are especially good for arthritis and a variety of joint and tendon pain. Juan Bi Tang is especially good for joint ache in the upper body. Anti-inflammatory oil and balm are another effective remedy to combat joint ache.

Rubbing hot vinegar, herbal oil or scented oil of chamomile, lavender, thyme, juniper and eucalyptus over the joint causing pain is an effective remedy. Most of these aromatic oils reduce pain by lowering the extent of stress around the joints and have tissue-cleansing properties as well.

The Indian system of medicine popularly called Ayurveda probably offers the best non-invasive option for treating joint pain. Ayurvedic herbal massage oils like Rumatone Gold Oil is extremely effective for relieving joint ache. This oil can be applied for getting immediate relief from almost any kind of joint pain. If you are looking for topical applications to relieve joint ache then Ayurvedic oils are certainly the best. Apart from applying massage oil, you can take Rumatone Gold Capsule to get relief from arthritis and joint ache naturally. When these two are used in conjunction, they offer the best natural remedy for joint pain.

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