Have you ever wacthed the film“ High School Musical“,this is a film popular with teenagers.Then I will intriduce you the outline of this film.
This is a Disney Channel Original Movie.While on a New Year\'s Eve vacation,high school hoops star Troy and brainy Gabriella - two teens who are worlds apart - meet.
  During a karaoke contest they discover their love for singing and an interest in each other.After vacation,Troy finds out that Gabriella is the new girl at his school.Troy and Gabriella decide to audition for the upcoming high school musical.Troy\'s new friend Chad and Gabriella\'s new friend Taylor discourage them from moving forward with their plans.But it\'s Ryan and his sister Sharpay - who really try to thwart their efforts.Find out how Gabriella and Troy\'s decision to audition turns their world and their school upside down!
If you are a careful guy,you can surely find that Troy and Gabriella,the sweety couple,wear a special pair of silicone wristbands each other.It looks quite good for a man to wear something like a silicone bracelet and a lanyard.And it shows your personality and taste in the meantime.
.So is for a girl. After watching this film, I buy a black wristband for myself. Friends around me also own their wristbands of all kinds.
All in all, how do you like this film ?

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