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August 10, 2009“”“”It\'s hard to imagine a time when glass wasn\'t a part of everyday life, but for centuries glassmaking techniques were a carefully guarded secret. Fathers passed the craft of glassmaking to their sons, but rarely to anyone else. Glass objects were reserved for royalty in some cultures. In other societies, ownership of glass was regulated by price -- if you could afford the luxury of glass, it was yours.
Lampwork beads are type of bead made from glass, and it\'s no surprise, because glass is an artisan\'s dream. It can be poured into molds. It can be cut and polished into faux gemstones. It can be stretched and pulled into any shape imaginable. It\'s no wonder that creative people throughout the world choose to express their artistic talents with glass.
Handcrafted lampwork beads are a popular jewelry component. You\'ll find lampwork beads in beaded necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry. The jewelry is sold at“”“” the wholesale &retail online store in China.
The quality of any handcrafted item is equal to the expertise of its maker and lampwork beads are no exception to that rule. Choose beaded jewelry in a style you like, but remember that style isn\'t the only thing you must consider when you buy handcrafted lampwork beads.
Hand crafted glass beads can be as plain or as decorative as the artist likes. Multiple layers of glass are often used, switching colors to create the desired look. Small dots of color can be left as bumps on the bead\'s surface or plunged into the center where they form floral-like designs.
Fine lines are possible when craftspeople work with tiny rods of glass -- kind of like painting with a glass paintbrush. specializes in that technique.
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