New York City, New York; 2 Nov, 2013: Dallas, Texas hip-hop/rap artist JAFEEZIE (pronounced jay fee zee) is back at it with another track that is sure to be a defining track of this up-and-coming artists music career. 

With his newest release “TOMORROW” due out October 25th JaFeezie takes another step in showing the progression of what he’s capable of. JaFeezie’s last track “What’s Good” which was released in the summer of 2013 and featured his music video notably racked up 150K plays on YouTube in just five months. “Tomorrow” is sure to follow in the same path and is expected to gain smash hit success having all the right elements in what is to make a hit track. 

Tomorrow is a song that relates to everyone of us through the common message of “love” and what it means to a relationship. The track takes the listener into a deeper level of JaFeezie’s mind and soul. His lyrics can truly touch someone and be