Winter chalets, studio flats in European capitals, villas in exotic lands — this kind of property is all pretty much typical features of a very wealthy lifestyle. And now, for many, fashionable endeavours in winemaking are making holiday homes in Italy with a vineyard on the property a popular addition to that list. 

Buying up French property for this reason has been commonplace for years, with wealthy international business types securing land for the luxury and profitability of owning a vineyard in regions such as Bordeaux and, of course, Champagne. 

Now, attention is turning to Tuscany, central Italy, with the famous ‘Toscana’ wine fast becoming a hit with investors. The region has long been known for its wine production, with the best-known variety coming from the Chianti region, in central Tuscany. According to recent reports, investors are taking note of this rich history, with four major vineyards in the region sold to Russian and Argentine investors over the past year, for a combined sum of roughly 30 million Euros. 

The reasons for large investments in a winery tend to vary between different nationalities. British investors buying holiday homes in Italy tend to be long term enthusiasts, taking their hobby to a whole new level, whereas Chinese buyers look for opportunities to export the product. The new European investors seem to be looking towards the prestige of the location. The attraction of ownership of a vineyard can be as simple as the novelty of having the family name or crest on the bottle and served at prestigious events. 

Whatever the reason may be, millions of Euros are now being welcomed into Italy’s economy thanks to the famous wine. Tuscany receives visits from potential investors all year round, looking to join the elite bandwagon of winery owners from around the world. These buyers are extending their property interests beyond holiday homes in Italy and towards life-long investments. 

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