The air from the lungs and into the lungs is carried out by the tubes called airways. In Asthma there is an inflammation in the airways which makes it swollen and sensitive. If we breathe any substance it reacts strongly to that substance and the muscles around it gets tightened which results the airways to narrow. There is a deficit of air in the lungs as the swelling increases and the airways moves towards the narrower. Sticky, thick liquid mucus is formed by the cells in the air ways which further narrow the airways. In Asthma there is a shortness of breathe, chest tightness, coughing, and recurring periods of wheezing. Asthma is a chronic lung disease and it attacks people of all age and generally at midnight or early in the morning.

Exact cause of the Asthma is unknown but it may be said that it is the result of the – Family genes, respiratory infections during the childhood, due to some airborne allergens, exercise, sulfites in food drinks, respiratory infections, aspirin or non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs etc. Symptoms and cause of the asthma is different for different people.

Inhaler and pills are prescribed for its treatment but in asthma precaution must be taken carefully to avoid the worst situation. Asthma of preliminary stage can be treated by home made medicines. Some home remedies and natural cure are also there to avoid asthma. They are:

If some black peppercorns alone or mixed with basil leaves chewed every night before going to bed it will subside the asthmatic problem within a few moments.

To reduce the attacks of asthma and its problem take some teaspoonful of ginger juice mixed in a glass of water and take it regularly.

Take a bowl with three tablespoons of water in it and boil it with six pieces of cloves. When it is completely exuded add honey almost one full teaspoon. At least take this remedy three times a day. It is very effective and acts like an expectorant.

Respiratory tract are cleared to a great extent with the help of figs. So 3-4 figs should be taken daily in the morning.

A glassful of milk mixed with two full teaspoon of honey should be taken at night. This is the safe and simplest remedy to avoid asthmatic attack.

Before brushing your teeth in the morning, drink water which is stored in the copper vessel at night. Some mineral (copper) from the vessel will mix into the water of the vessel and it will help in clearing the respiratory tract.

In a full glass of water add two full teaspoons of fenugreek seeds and boil it until it reduces to one third. Take this solution once a day and it is a very good home remedy for asthma.

Other than these, there are many home remedies to prevent or cure asthma. Hope you got some useful home remedies and natural cures for asthma.

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