Asthma is a life-threatening respiratory disorder and if it is not managed properly can lead to serious problems. There are several simple home remedies that are very supportive and helpful in treating this chronic disease. These home remedies can be easily prepared at the comfort of home. All the ingredients involved in these home remedies for asthma are easily available in your kitchen.

Asthma Home Remedies and Useful Tips

1. Asthma patients should avoid cold weather and relieve themselves from constipation. Constipation leads to distended abdomen and exert pressure on the lungs, aggravating the condition.

2. The patient should try to drink plenty of lukewarm water. This will dilate the constriction of the respiratory channels, enabling more airflow.

3. Avoid cold drinks, sour fruits and refrigerated foods. Sour fruit juice and cold drinks cause inflammation and constrictions of the bronchial tubes.

4. Avoid stress and strain. These may disturb the digestive system and aggravate asthmatic attacks. The patient may take help of pranayam to overcome stress and strain. It should be practiced for at least half an hour daily for better results.

5. The patient should avoid eating banana. This fruit produces phlegm and obstructs the already constricted bronchial tubes of the respiratory tract.

6. Immerse the patient’s feet in warm water during attacks. This will relieve the symptoms and discomfort.

7. Asthma is generally due to allergy. So, the patient should stay away from dust, smoke and pollution.

8. Know the asthma triggers that bring attacks to the patient. Avoid such triggers to keep minimize airway inflammation and reduce the symptoms.

9. Smoke is one of the leading asthma triggers. It should be strictly prohibited as it may take the patient closer to death.

10. The patient should not stay awake at nights. This may increase strain and anxiety, both aggravators of asthma attacks.

11. Restrict the intake of non-vegetarian food. This may cause constipation due to low fiber content. Constipation increases the load on the chest. Eat green vegetables and fruits rich in fiber.

12. Soak dry fruits in water overnight. In the morning, keep these dry grapes in cold milk for half an hour and then chew them. This will give energy and boost immune system. But it is contraindicated if the patient has diabetes mellitus.

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