Hope-Wish Releases Thermal Cameras Products Sheets Revealing a Portfolio

27 Sep

Jinan, China; 27, September 2016: Today, security is the subject of a great concern for the human population around the world. People prefer to live, work or spend their time in a safe environment. And Surveillance Cameras are one of the essential tools that can ensure safety of a place. China based Hope-Wish Technologies has a wide range of High Temperature, Thermal Imaging and Infrared Cameras that can be very useful in maintaining the safety of buildings, commercial establishments, shopping complexes and other places. Recently, they have published their Thermal Cameras Products Sheets, showcasing a wide variety of cameras.

The company produces thermal imaging cameras that come with astounding features. These cameras can capture images from a long distance, and can alert about the presence of intruders. On the basis of the temperature tracking, these cameras can sense the security threat and an attached alarm can alert the security team of a building. By sensing the position coordinates of maximum and minimum temperature, the camera will be able to monitor a target in a timely manner.

According to the spokesperson of the company, their HP thermal camera comes with the built in temperature threshold that can allow a precise monitoring of the difference between the maximum and minimum temperature with the help a screen display. The camera features 10 target sub regions and 6 different alarm algorithms. Once the temperature exceeds the pre-set value, the alarm goes off to alert everyone. The camera can be used along with a visual camera for monitoring a target. At the same time, it can be linked to a fire fighting system with the help of a switch alarm.

Hope-Wish has a long list of High Temperature Surveillance Cameras that include thermal imaging cameras, IR laser cameras, long range security cameras, handheld surveillance cameras and so on. The company also supplies laser night vision cameras that can efficiently work in the darkness, ensuring the safety and security of a place. To know more about the different kinds of cameras they manufacture and their features, one can visit the website http://hpthermalcamera.com/.

About Hope-Wish Technologies Inc.:

Hope-Wish Technologies Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of long distance thermal imaging cameras and infrared laser night vision cameras. The company always focuses on customer’s requirements, providing professional services and high-tech cameras to protect national security and maintain social stability. They manufacture mainly three kinds of products which include thermal imaging camera, IR laser camera and long range camera systems.

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