Houston Based Pest Removal Company Offers Free Estimates and Emergency Service

01 Mar

Bee Wild Pest Removal, a Houston-based company servicing residents in the city and surrounding communities, now offers free estimates and emergency service. The emergency service applies to calls outside of the normal business hours and on holidays for problems that require immediate attention and service. With a free estimate provided by one of the company’s courteous professionals, homeowners know beforehand the likely cost of removing pests or wildlife from their property. Best of all, with Bee Wild Pest Removal, customers can rest assured knowing they’re dealing with a respected company that is both professionally certified and listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Honey Bee Removal Houston Texas

Homeowners are often faced with the potentially dangerous problem of swarms of honey bees in their back yard. Fortunately, Bee Wild Pest Removal are the experts in the removal of these very important insects. Not only will the company’s professionals completely remove a swarm or beehive for a reasonable cost, but they’ll even do the responsible thing and save the bees when it is possible to do so. This helps to prevent further destruction of bee populations throughout the area while at the same time ensuring that they’re no longer pests to homeowners. With the treatment provided, customers can rest assured knowing that another hive won’t simply move in once the old one has been removed.

Wildlife Removal Houston Texas

Residents in the Houston Texas area often have to deal with small critters around their property. Some of these small animals can be a nuisance as well as the cause of property damage. Common examples include squirrels, rodents, and raccoons. Bee Wild Pest Removal offers humane trapping solutions which allow for the successful extraction of wildlife from property and then the releasing of the animals back into nature where they can no longer be a threat to homeowners.

Pest Control Houston Texas

Houston Texas weather and climate often allow for perfect conditions to develop in which many pests thrive. Common examples of these type of pests include termites and ants. They’re well-known for causing potentially thousands of dollars in damage to land and homes. Fortunately, with the Termidor certified professionals at Bee Wild Pest Removal, ridding oneself of these pests is as simple as making a phone call. The friendly experts will devise a treatment plan which not only guarantees the entire eradication of such pests but also ensures that they won’t immediately return to the property.

Customers who are facing a potential emergency situation are urged to contact the helpful staff at Bee Wild Pest Removal today. They’re not only available twenty-four hours a day, but are more than willing to discuss potential solutions to problems with homeowners as well as to offer estimates after surveying the home or property. For more information, contact the company by phone today or visit their website at BeeWildPestRemoval.com.