Houston Car Accident Attorney Announces Instant Helpline for Offering Anytime FREE Initial Consultation

27 Mar

Houston, USA, March 27, 2014: Often car and truck accidents could be a reason for injuries, monetary loss and a lot of hassles or ordeal. While many people try to get the best treatment for their injury, they may fail to hire the best lawyer who can ensure them the maximum insurance benefits and can fight for them in the court for their legal rights. Jorge L. Gomez is a reputed Houston car accident attorney who is always committed to get accident victims the maximum legal help and this is the reason why he has now started an instant helpline where victims can get a free initial consultation. Anyone can call at any time, and one of the lawyers of Gomez Law Firm will be there to provide the all-needed help. 

Attorney Jorge is well aware of the trauma that an accident victim often undergoes. In a recently released video, he maintains that an accident victim deserves the compensation from the negligent party. “But for that one would need the help of the best car accident attorney in Houston. Only an experienced lawyer can present the case in an organized manner before the court to get the victim the maximum compensation he or she deserves,” he maintains in his video presentation. 

Speaking about his instant helpline and free initial consultation, he says, “People often require important advice to follow when searching for a lawyer, and we will guide them through our helpline. Moreover, a victim should know what to do and what not, in order to make his case stronger from the legal point of view.” According to him, anyone trying to find a reputed car or truck accident lawyer in Houston will find the consultation valuable and it offers them the necessary guidance in their decision making. 

Attorney Jorge is a Houston car accident lawyer with over fifteen years of experience and his free helpline is being seen as an effort to help accident victims who often remain clueless about many important issues, from making insurance claims to filing for the compensation. People willing to learn more about this accident lawyer in Houston TX or want to get some free initial consultation can visit the website. 

About Gomez Law Firm: 

Gomez Law Firm is a team of qualified and experienced lawyers, headed by Jorge L. Gomez. With over fifteen years of experience, Attorney Jorge L. Gomez has been representing thousands of clients in their personal injury cases all across Texas. He helps clients in recovering monetary damages from the negligent parties and offers them the complete legal help. His law firm has an instant helpline for offering initial legal consultation for free.