(Submit Articles) A PDF to Image Converter transforms the existing PDF files to an image that can be displayed or printed or just viewed without having to use Adobe Reader or Acrobat. The best part of this is that it retains the layout, the text, formatting as well as the images of the original PDF file giving you a perfect copy.

The pdf to image tool is also designed to make the files much more convenient, lighter as well as swifter as compared to the original files making everyday access that much easier. This pdf2image software utility is a completely standalone tool and can convert pdf to jpeg, pdf to png, pdf to tiff as required without the need for any additional purchases.

Features To Look For When Buying A PDF To Image Converter

When looking for a PDF to image conversion tool, it may be worthwhile to check for command line support, high speed processing, and the ability to accurately preserve text, pictures, and layout of the original PDF file, batch conversion as well as drag and drop support.

It is best to also get free lifetime updates for the PDF to image conversion software that you buy as well as a full money back guarantee in case something does not perform as communicated. The pdfconverter should also work optimally with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Seven. Without any of these, the program may not be as useful.

A PDF to image converter is a very useful tool that is also very user friendly. It can be used by students, housewives as well as professionals for a wide variety of uses. It does not require any special training and is easy to download or transmit electronically. It is however worthwhile buying from a reputable vendor that provides good after sales service if something were to go wrong.

One of the specific things that you may like to check are the qualifications and experience of the technical staff employed. References and testimonials are also good to have when investing in such business or work related tools. Depending on the number of licenses you are procuring, you may be able to get yourself a discount.

Types Of Licenses

You can buy pdf to image converters under two kinds of software licenses - personal license or business license. In case of a personal license, the program can only be used for non business purposes in a non commercial environment. In case you need it for commercial or profit making purposes you will need to get a business license which is more expensive. Within business licenses, there are single user licenses or site (multiple users) licenses which determine the number of people that can use them.

In case, budget is a constraint, shop around for the best offer that you can get. Many companies run seasonal promotions in which they bundle more than one software together to make it more cost efficient for the buyer. Be sure to opt for any one service provider after checking all the details and doing a trial run of the pdf to image converter in question.

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