Document imaging services are fast gaining popularity. Firms are opting for document scanning as it reduces the clutter of paper at office and improves employee efficiency. Small and mid-size firms usually depend on document imaging firms for scanning of documents and their management.

There are several document imaging companies and hence choosing the right company is not an easy task.

Given here are a few things that you should consider while hiring a document imaging company.

What Type Of Services The Company Provides?

Some companies provide only document scanning service, while there are some that offer complete document management services. You should first list down your requirements and then find a company that meets them.

Whether You Want A Standard Package Or A Custom-Built Package?

Since, all companies do not offer both standard and custom made packages; your choice of the service provider will depend on what type of document management services you want. If you want to avail of services strictly as per your requirements then you should get a customized package, otherwise a standard package will also do. Custom made package is costlier than the standard ones.

What Is The Uptime Of The Company?

If you want to use the document hosting service of the company, you should check its uptime. The company's uptime should be at least 99 per cent. That will ensure that your documents are available to you most of the time.

Where The Company Will Scan The Document?

This is a very important question. If your documents are very sensitive and confidential, then you might prefer to hire a company that scans the documents on-site. Otherwise, a company that offers document imaging facility only at its premises will also do. Depending upon what you prefer, you should choose an appropriate document imaging company.

What The Company Does To Ensure The Safety And Security Of The Documents?

Security is one of the biggest concerns of the firms while hiring a document imaging firm. Before hiring the firm, you should check what type of steps the company takes to ensure the security of the documents. It is best to hire a firm that is HIPPA compliant.

What Type Of Scanning Facility The Company Provides?

Nowadays, people prefer OCR scanning, as it has several benefits like quick search and easy editing. Check, if the document imaging firm offers this service.

What Are The Costs Of The Services?

You should compare the rates of a few firms. This will help you to know the prevailing rates of the services you want to avail. The rates are dependent on the type and quality of services provided by the firm and its reputation. Never compromise on quality for price. You should look for a firm that provides value for money services.

Where The Company Is Located?

If you are planning to hire a firm that scans documents at its premises, then it is better to hire one that is close to your office. This would ensure speedy work. Even if the company offers on-site scanning, it is good if it has a local office close to you.

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