"Are there any ways to put iTunes songs to my MP3 player?" "Why can't I play iTunes songs on my windows media player?" I think many people will meet with such kind of problems. MP3 players will not play iTunes music; it is unable to put iTunes music into windows media player or movie maker, etc. so many questions like these. How can we solve these kinds of matters?

In this tutorial I will show you tip for converting iTunes M4A songs music to WMA or MP3 to play on any other players rather than iTunes.

Step by step way to convert iTunes M4A music to plain WMA mp3.

First, I recommend you Daniusoft Media Converter Pro, which is professional at converting media between formats like M4A to WMA, M4A to MP3, as well as removing iTunes DRM protection. More information about DRM you can visit Wikipedia ““ DRM. By using Daniusoft Media Converter Pro, you will get quick DRM removal and fast conversion speed as well as good quality of converted files.

Secondly, install and then start Media Converter Pro, you will see a users’ oriented interface like this.

With logical operation system, you will find it easy to get things done of what you want to do.

Third, load files of your M4A purchased from iTunes, usually iTunes songs are stored in '*:\My Documents\My music\iTunes\iTunes Media' directory. Just click to choose files you want to convert.

Forth, settings. Here you just need to convert iTunes M4A songs to WMA or MP3; you need to select WMA or MP3 from 'convert audio to' container. Click 'settings' button to customize output bite rate, sample rate, etc.

Finally, after all these done, just click big 'start' button on the bottom to start the conversion of converting iTunes M4A to WMA MP3.

From all above you can see it is easy to convert iTunes M4A songs music to plain WMA MP3 by using Daniusoft Media Converter Pro.

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