SharePoint site is used for online collaboration. SharePoint site is useful when you want to collaborate across projects in the following ways: sharing and retaining versions of documents, scheduling, handling presence and messaging, delegating and sharing tasks, sharing and targeting information, managing meetings etc. Create areas when you want to publish information such as the following: aggregated listings, target audiences, document posting, content for publishing, navigational taxonomy, profiles, lists, news, managed spaces for users, areas of subject expertise, community interests, subsites for a categorized set of documents.

With the help of SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services, you can integrate SharePoint sites and areas to create custom environments that target a particular interest group. SharePoint site helps to create a complete view of your business. You can be more productive by having immediate excess to the relevant information. It shares knowledge across the organization. Organization can be benefited by finding and making the most of its intellectual capital. SharePoint takes benefit of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) sites to create portal pages for storing data in organizations. The portal enables collaboration with the help of Windows SharePoint Services sites, enabling you to organize, manage, and provision SharePoint sites from the portal.

SharePoint Site Customization

SharePoint sites are designed to be flexible. You can customize a site to fit your users' needs by adding or removing pages, changing the appearance of pages, changing the site navigation, and making other tailor made changes.

You must have the following rights to customize SharePoint sites, which are included in the Web Designer and Administrator site groups: Manage Lists

Add and Customize Pages
Apply Themes and Borders
Apply Style Sheets

Other users of your site cannot get access to the pages required to perform these tasks unless you specifically assign them to a site group that contains these permissions.

Customizing Web Sites From Within the Browser

You can customize SharePoint website from within the browser, using links from the Home, Create, and Site Settings pages of the website. From the browser you can customize following basic things:

Add a new list
Change the layout of the home page
Change the picture on the home page
Add a web part to a web part Page
Change a site's display name
Apply a new theme

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