(Submit Articles) You may not notice it but notepads are practically everywhere. Almost everyone keeps it nearby ““ at the desk, in the conference room, in the car, by the phone and even in the kitchen. You can see people bring their notepads during meetings, at trade shows and even in supermarkets. If you are a marketer, you can see that a notepad has great potential as a marketing tool.

Unlike brochures or posters, notepads are functional. With notepads, you can reach your target audience in many different settings in a subtle way ““ your brand is recognized through its repetitive use. To maximize notepad printing, consider these tips for notepad marketing strategies.

- Designing and printing custom notepads would not take much of your time and effort. Even if you have little design skills, take heart that all you need to include is short information about your company and contact details. You can put your logo as a small image either at the top or bottom. Alternatively, you can make it as a watermark across the whole pad. A more creative approach would be turning your notepads into a prescription sheet or a checklist.

- Bright colors and unique shapes can make your notepad stand out. Although, make sure that there’s a balance between the design and the pad's functionality.

- You can include an event calendar at the top or bottom. Or you can add a reminder checklist on the side. It would be very helpful to people who are always on the go.

- Grab every opportunity to give away your notepads to the right audience. Distribute as many pads as you can - to potential and existing customers, even to your friends and family. If you are attending a conference, try handing a few to some attendees. Unlike other marketing materials, almost everyone has a use for notepads in every day life so these people would be very grateful to your generosity and accept those notepads without a bit of hesitation.

- The funny thing is, you don't even have to go out of your way to give your notepads away. Your notepad can attract people’s attention if it has a unique design and attractive colors. Since people notice them anyway, it wouldn’thurt to hand out a few, right?

- If you have a particular product to promote, print notepads that espouse the benefits of said product to your target audience. This way, you are not only creating a corporate identity using notepads, you are also putting your products in front of people without being too intrusive.

You can never go wrong with notepads. Its small size and functionality can work to your advantage. If you think about it, notepad marketing targets the subconscious. It subliminally reinforces your company’s image, products and services to your audience’s mind every day. With your notepads, you can establish customer loyalty and build long-term business relationships. Simple, yet effective, that’s what notepad marketing is. A subtle strategy that puts you ahead of the competition and into peoples minds.

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