You want to pick a dog food that conforms to minimal AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards because AAFCO officials strictly regulate pet food. You want to pick pet foods that have good sources of animal protein. If you look at the ingredient list, it is listed in descending order by amount “” just like humans. So the first two or three ingredients should be some type of animal protein “” chicken, beef, fish, lamb, beef or turkey. They shouldn\'t be vegetable, wheat or grain, or animal by-products.
Also, the pet food whether can or bag should have an expiration date. And it should have a phone number and/or Web site, so you can call the company and ask questions. These are the things that are going to be on high-quality pet foods. You also want to look for natural preservatives, like vitamin C or vitamin E, and stay away from chemical preservatives. Ethoxyquine is one that they used years back that were determined to be a carcinogenic, and are no longer using.
Avoid generic-label or store-label brands because the food is probably from bulk suppliers. Don\'t pick products that have unidentified meat or bone meal. It\'s got to specify the protein (i.e. chicken, turkey, salmon). Avoid preservatives that are controversial: BHT, ethoxyquine, BHA and propolyneglycol. Those are things you don\'t want to see on the label.
Make sure there is no wheat or wheat gluten products in your pet food, and monitor your pet\'s behavior to be sure your pet is well.
Dogs and cats are usually considered part of the family, and their owners want to give them food that\'s as healthy and wholesome as what the rest of the family\'s having for dinner. So how can you wade through the flood of pet food on the market to find a product with the best ingredients? Here are a few things to look for.
Consult Your Vet or an Animal Nutritionist: It’s difficult to make blanket recommendations on what to feed your dog or cat. Each pet has different nutritional needs, and the best person to provide food recommendations is your vet.
USDA Organic: For environmental reasons, organic pet food is a better choice than conventional pet food, since it\'s produced without the use of petroleum-based pesticides and fertilizers and uses meat from animals raised without antibiotics and growth hormones, which can pollute waterways.
No Animal Testing: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have compiled a list of companies that have claimed in writing that they don\'t test their products on animals. If your pet food is not listed, call the company and ask them if the product, or any of the products ingredients, utilize animal testing.
You\'ll find a huge range of suppliers - a much greater variety than available in most retail stores - and be able to compare their products, while getting independent reviews about what\'s best for your pets.
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