Fahsion Jewellery can make or break an outfit; even if you have the cutest or trendy outfit that fits you  oh so right, it can be ruined by the lack of, too much of or bad fashion jewellery. Learn what makes an outfit a full complete outfit from top to bottom so that you always look pulled together.

Fashion Jewellery is called  that because it\'s meant to be worn with any fashion design. This type of jewellery is meant to be mixed and matched with any outfit and its intention is to enhance that outfit.

You all know her; that beautiful woman who looks pulled together no matter what. it\'s not necessarily her body shape or how elderly she is. there is something about her that whether she is wearing a jogging suit or a business suit, she always looks pulled together. How does she do it? You may ask yourself that as you look through your closet in dismay. Even when you find the outfit you want to wear, something doesn’tseem  right and you ask yourself why you can’t  easily pull it all together the way “she“ does. The answer lies in the coordination of your outfit. The top and bottom do matter, but it\'s the attention to the details such as shoes, hair and fashion jewellery accessories that will make or break an outfit.

If you want to always look pulled together, it  is  easy and doing so can be lots of fun. The first step you want to do is take a lovely look at your closet. The main key is looking great is to have actually outfits. If you like to mix and match, set your clothes up so that if you want to wear a certain pair of slacks, you have your choices of tops right beside it. All clothes should be set up this way; it will save you tons of time that you used to stand in front of your closet not knowing what to wear.

Take a lovely look and try at everything. If something does not fit the way you wish and you can’tbear to throw it away, put it in a safe storage container and get it out of your closet. Every piece of clothes you have should match up to another piece. If you have a favorite pair of tan slacks, have it hanging right next to a matching tank top for warm weather and a lovely sweater for the colder days. Arrange your clothes so that when you stand in front of them, there is no guess work.

The shoes are next. Take a look at your outfits and decide how lots of different pair of shoes you will want to make each outfit perfect. If you have a fantastic maroon slack and light pink sweater outfit but only have tan shoes, you may want to think about buying a pair of shoes that not only match with that outfit but may also complete others you have. By the way, black is the answer in this case.

Have the proper belts to match the shoes and have them in the proper widths: skinnier belts for business, wider belts for jeans and casual. What’s next? Fashion Jewellery of coursework! Fashion jewellery will pull your outfit together and add the last finishing touches that make you look great; everything will be flowing well and you will be five of those women who\'ve it all together!

Take a lovely look at your outfits and write down what colors are most apparent. Chances are you are going to want fashion jewellery in some basic colors to match what you have for outfits: Black, tan, blue, red, pink, yellow, and white. These should be  to make your outfit complete, unless you have an absolutely fantastic outfit in a shade of green, for example; in this case you can go with the white but is suggested to have fashion jewellery that matches. The secret is to see the main color of your outfit and also the secondary color. If you have a green skirt with white flowers and a light green top, you will want to pick up on both colors. Wear all green fashion jewellery and you will be making a fashion no-no. Wear white with intergraded green beads, for example. Alternatively, if you have an outfit that is  entirely black but has a splash of red, the belt and shoes for example, wear red fashion jewellery to pull it all together. When the eye sees a color on the feet, middle and neck and/or ears, you will have the look that they strive for: Balanced.



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