(Mass Media Release) BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, August 16th, 2010– Bill McNamee-Lamb announces that his firm of executive recruiters, McNamee-Lamb and Associates, its expanding its operations to find even more senior management professionals throughout Canada as well as in the United States for companies that become the firm’s clients.

How do companies benefit from executive recruiters? What should executive recruiters be paid fees by companies looking for new senior management positions to be filled? It’s because “headhunters” can do the best job of finding the senior manager who will do the best job for your company and contribute the most to your company’s future financial success.

While using the services of executive recruiters, you will find prospective employees who match your specific job description and qualifications. For those looking to employ individuals at an executive or senior level, going with a qualified and successful headhunting firm is the wisest move. And for many companies, the confidentiality of using executive recruiters is the greatest advantage of them all. In taking advantage of the privacy structure, unless you make it publicly known, only a select few will be aware if you are hiring for a certain position within your company.

Using executive recruiters means that you don’t have to have your human resources staff on the telephone for hours and hours. It means they don’t need to sift through mountains of cover letters and resumes. You don’t have to take out advertisements for senior management positions wanted. The time and trouble you save with executive recruiters actually transform into cost savings to your company even after the firm’s fees are paid.

Specifically, some of the advantages of using executive recruiters in Canada include:

Making the extra effort – Executive recruiters can do what human resource managers may not be willing to do or might find embarrassing. For instance, directly approaching candidates working with the competition to find out whether they are interested in an opportunity available with the executive recruiter’s client.

Industry expertise – A number of executive recruiters specialize in a few niche industry sectors. This knowledge means that Canadian firms are capable of getting you the top performers in the industry in Canada as well as the U.S. much faster than the HR department alone would be able to do.

Time savings – Recruiting for senior positions can be a time consuming activity due to the lengths and multiple levels of the interviewing and vetting process. The Canadian executive recruiters at McNamee-Lamb and Associates are able to save you time since they already possess a deep database of applicants and headhunted senior manager profiles.

Confidentiality – If you want to replace a senior executive in your organization, the matter sometimes needs to be conducted at the highest level of confidentiality in order to prevent the disruption of the flow of business because of a disgruntled senior executive. As mentioned earlier, for many companies this is the most important facet of using executive recruiters such as McNamee-Lamb and Associates.

What services do McNamee-Lamb and Associates offer to ensure that they provide you with only the best of the best prospective senior managers?

Executive Search -

Psych Assessment -

HR Consulting -

McNamee-Lamb’s strategic partners offer broad consulting in all functional areas including: Employee and Labour relations; Workforce Planning; Organizational Development; Compensation and Benefits; and beyond. They utilize a personality assessment series of tests that has been used in business for over 25 years.They search for the best possible prospects, who then go through a vigorous screening process.
McNamee-Lamb’s expansion means that now there are more open vacancies for companies to become clients and have their senior management position needs filled right. Contact them today if you are looking to hire new or replace old senior managers. Take advantage of their staff of experienced and knowledgeable executive recruiters.


McNamee-Lamb & Associates is a Human Capital Search and Consulting Executive Recruitment firm with direct Corporate Human Resources experience in lean, high performance environments across a variety of industries including Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing and Distribution, Consumer and Industrial Electronics. We have also conducted Searches in the Telecom sector. This experience enables us to engage in focused dialogue with our clients and candidates to understand the strategy, culture and fit key to the success of both the employer and employee.

Bill McNamee-Lamb brings a wealth of experience to the executive search field gained in more than twenty years as a search consultant, and as a senior human resources executive in domestic and global markets with blue chip companies such as Investors Group, CIBC, Rhone-Poulenc and Sanyo Canada.


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