IMA launches, IMA Virtual University

The Indian Management Academy today unveiled IMA-Virtual University, an innovative educational approach to get a hold of that perfect gradation, at your own convenience and pace, same time complying with your requirements and at a place where you want.

The Indian management academy is an academically independent self financed autonomous certification body offering various diplomas & certification courses through online & distance learning mode. The Business school is founded & affiliated by Confederation of Indian Healthcare Foundation (CIHF) registered under 1950 Bombay Public Trusts, Act-29 established in the year 2005 is a non-government, not-for-profit organization registered in Gujarat, Ahmedabad, INDIA to enhance the management skills of students, groups, hospitals, government agencies, NGO organizations, environmental groups, and others in the corporate sectors & institutions across the globe.

Since its inception, the Indian management academy has provided a profound base to alleviate number of students in securing valuable degrees and mould them to reach at the top.

Dr. G.D Singh, Founder and director of IMA has well thought of the cyber generation.
He has envisaged that in today’s fast-paced world 24 hours are too less to accomplish on what we want.
The sky touching ambitions, the need to reach the top and the constant passion to stay ahead in the competitive world has coined the term “Virtual“.

It\'s impossible to argue with the fact that our world is forever-changing. A primary example of this change can be seen with the World-Wide-Web. There are endless possibilities when it comes to cyberspace. One of the more remarkable pertains to education.

We now belong to the “virtual world“.
IMA virtual university states itself to be an epitome of knowledge sans the traditional boundaries.

In recent years there has been a phenomenal interest in the growth of what some are calling `digital\', `online\', or `virtual\' universities. Indeed, today, it is commonplace to read that information and communication technologies are radically reconfiguring the landscape of higher education, changing the very `nature\' of the university.

With this exquisite launch of the IMA-Virtual University students, working professionals, House-wives-Any one can now take that first step of acquiring a degree without letting go of any other responsibilities.
Now you can Earn, Study, Play, Work and also get the desired degree at your own time and pace.

Dr. G.D Singh had played a vital role in launching this concept of virtual university which will prove to be in full-swing at this point, and more and more individuals will be able to take full advantage of it.
After all, why shouldn\'t they? Attending college from anywhere sounds pretty ideal and getting that valuable degree which you always wanted but could not due to any reason, is now just a click away with IMA-Virtual University.

Author & Editor: Dr. G.D Singh
Certified Manager - Cambridge Association of Managers, England
Certified Doctor of Business Administration - The Oxford Association of Management, Oxford, England
Founder & President | IMA [email protected]

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