(Submit Articles) This article is meant to give you a detailed introduction about how to import a PhotoBucket video into iMovie so as to make your own movie.

Part I: PhotoBucket and iMovie

Before entering to the topic, you'd better get some basic knowledge about PhotoBucket and iMovie

What is PhotoBucket and iMovie?
PhotoBucket is an image hosting, video hosting, slideshow creation and photo sharing website and it is usually used for personal photo graphic albums, remote store of avatars displayed on Internet forums, and storage of videos. And just like YouTube who has a time striction over videos, videos uploaded to PhotoBucket must be five minutes or shorter (10 min with paid account).

iMovie is a proprietary video editing software application that comes along freely with every Mac which allows Mac and iPhone 4 users to edit and make their own home movies. With iMovie, users can edit video clips, add titles and add music. Effect include basic color correction and video enhancement tools, and transitions such as fade-in, fade-out and slides.

Relationship between PhotoBucket and iMovie
For Mac users, it is really easy and beneficial for them to edit their videos with the free video editing program that came free with their Mac. And there is also an increasing need for PhotoBucket users to import videos from it into iMovie. And below are some examples showing how badly people want to transfer their PhotoBucket video into iMovie.

Question 1: If there a way that I can get a video off PhotoBucket and save it to my Mac and import it into iMovie. If there is, then how so?

Question 2: I have download the animations from PhotoBucket, but when I try to import them into iMovie, it doesn't work......

Part II: Import PhotoBucket video into iMovie
Section I: Direct transfer PhotoBucket video into iMovie
As we have just mentioned, more than just pictures, PhotoBucket users can also upload videos to PhotoBucket. And there are a wide range of file formats that PhotoBucket accommodates. If you are really a lucky bird that get videos from PhotoBucket in a or in some formats that happened to be compatible with iMovie, then congratulations, you can import your videos to iMovie directly.

Section II: Import PhotoBucket video into iMovie with PhotoBucket to iMovie transfer
Sometimes, you may find it impossible for your to import videos from PhotoBucket, either because of the file format. But how to do it even the video is not in the correct format acceptable with iMovie who usually opens its door to a limited set of video formats like MOV, DV, HDV, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 etc. Don't worry, this is what PhotoBucket video to iMovie Transfer can do.

Section III: Get to know PhotoBucket Video to iMovie Transfer

PhotoBucket Video to iMovie Transfer could be the first easy to use, practically and specially built application for Mac users who have pains in importing their videos from PhotoBucket into iMovie. With it, you can easily import your PhotoBucket videos into iMovie by just changing the file formats to some other formats that are workable with iMovie.

Besides encoding PhotoBucket videos to iMovie readable formats, you can also convert PhotoBucket videos to popular file formats that allow your easy transferring to various portable devices, video editing programs, multimedia players or some video sharing websites like YouTube, Myspace etc.

PhotoBucket Video to iMovie Transfer never ends as a professional video converting tool, it can also be served as a powerful video editing application. Before importing your PhotoBucket videos into iMovie, you may also allowed to do some simple editing with the built in video editing function, like cut video to shorter clips, crop off unwanted parts, configure effect and make advanced settings etc.

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