If someone wants to try out their luck, top lottery games can be the best bet in the world. And for that, you need eLottery Syndicate. By becoming an eLottery Syndicate member you will get an edge over the average person buying a ticket from elsewhere. You raise your chances of winning by a whopping 706 % in the eLottery Syndicate EuroMillions alone.

It is natural for one to doubt the process and system, especially for those who are not familiar with eLottery Syndicate.

But this Syndicate is supported and backed by a top British company known as Virtual World Direct (VWD). This company has been in the lottery business for more than seven years. It boasts of over 200,000 eLottery Syndicate members from 136 nations in its e-lottery membership, and the figure is constantly growing.

On joining a UK lotto syndicate, you get connected with a powerful team that plays with a huge number of entries in Wednesday as well as Saturday draws. Normally, while playing the UK National Lottery, you need to match 6 numbers, which includes 5 main numbers and the bonus ball, to hit the jackpot. However, when you are a member of eLottery Syndicate, you need to match just 5 main numbers, as your bonus ball is guaranteed in each single draw.

The biggest benefit is that the odds of your eLottery Syndicate lotto numbers winning the jackpot are now just 1 in 1.9 million, and not 1 in 14 million.

It was in the early 2002 when VWD released e-lottery syndicates for the first time. Today, in the 7th year, this lottery system has gained huge popularity. It now offers top quality products, with many being launched this year as well.
Its first product was the UK National Lottery Syndicate for the e-lottery brand. This provides UK Lottery players a 733 % advantage over the players buying tickets in the traditional fashion.

The second product was the huge EuroMillions Syndicate. It began on account of the formation of Euro Millions in Europe in February 2004. As a member of this syndicate, you get a stunning 3600 % advantage over the other players with “Ëœnormal’ tickets. This amazing thing happens because both the “lucky star“ numbers are surefire in each EuroMillions draw. Hence, your chances of hitting a winner become just 1 in 3, instead of 1 in 103. Mind blowing, isn’tit?

On 23 February 2009 e-Lottery added 11 Spanish Superdraws to its eLottery syndicate system; these will sit along side the 1st Superdraw, the El Gordo, which was added at the back end of 2008. These 12 draws boast prize funds ranging from €84 million to a staggering €2.6 billion! You are guaranteed to win at least 1 prize in each of the biggest 3 special draws; however, in the remaining 9 Spanish National Lottery Superdraws, each e-Lottery syndicate member is guaranteed to share no less than 3 prizes.

In May 2009 e-Lottery launched the Golden Ticket promotion. Simply for playing in one of the great eLottery syndicates, players are awarded virtual Golden Tickets which are then entered into monthly prize draws where a variety of quality electrical goods can be won. These Golden Tickets will continue to be awarded to players week after week for as long a they stay subscribed to one or more of the e-Lottery syndicate games.

The e-Lottery syndicate system is promoted around the world by a network of independent eLottery affiliates who are compensated with ongoing commissions for each and every member they introduce. The eLottery affiliate programme is accessible to people of all ages and is absolutely FREE to join. It is very simple to operate and is extremely lucrative for those who take it seriously.
E-Lottery affiliates earn 20% commission on all the members they personally introduce for as long as those members remain subscribers. eLottery affiliates also earn an on-going 5% commission on all the members introduced by their team.

Had you ever imagined such amazing lottery results before? The novices learning about e-Lottery Syndicate might be eager to join the gang of luck chasers right away. With eLottery syndicate, you need not woo lady luck; just chase her with all the lucky numbers on your side. Once she sees your lucky match, she will stop by herself and shower her blessings on you.

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