Increased Banana Consumption May Be Helpful for Arthritis Sufferers

16 Sep

Orlando, FL — September 16 — Fruits are known to be good for overall health due to the nutritional values they contain. There are even dietary programs, such living a fruitarian lifestyle, that focuses on the consumption of fruits. For individuals with arthritis, fruits are one of the foods they need to incorporate in their diet.

Increased banana consumption may be helpful for arthritis sufferers. While it does not necessarily solve the pain problems of sufferers, it may help reduce the severity of the symptoms.

In most cases, arthritis requires the need for pain medications to control the symptoms as well as slow down the progression of the disease. Bananas are one of the nutrient-rich foods that may play a significant role in helping the body fight the effects of arthritis.

As an inflammatory condition, arthritis causes chronic swelling and pain in the joints. There are three common forms of arthritis: gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an arthritic condition that happens to people of all ages. It is believed to be an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks its own tissue, especially in the areas of the joints.

Osteoarthritis, on the other hand, is more prevalent in older individuals. It is believed to be caused by wear and tear in the joint cartilage from years of walking and doing other physical activities.

Gout typically develops when crystals accumulate and cause inflammation around the joints in the toe areas.

According to Dr. Virginia Byers Kraus, Duke University School of Medicine Associate Professor, bananas are loaded with vitamin B-6, vitamin C, and folate. She is also the coauthor of “The Everyday Arthritis Solution.”

It is believed that vitamin C is helpful to arthritis sufferers by promoting the production of collagen in the body. Collagen is a building block for the joints. This vitamin may have the ability to destroy joint-destroying free radicals.

B vitamins such as folate and vitamin B-6 are also recommended for arthritis sufferers because inflammation caused by arthritis usually depletes the supply of these vitamins in the body.

Having a healthy diet and lifestyle is essential for individuals with arthritis. While it is not a cure, it may help them manage their pain and overall condition.

Today, instead of using pain medications, some sufferers are considering the use of natural, safer alternatives such as glucosamine. This joint health supplement is believed to help repair damaged joint cartilage and may even improve the overall health of the joints. (
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