Indiegogo Announces Their New Hoteny Pro Product And Their Hottest Deal

29 Mar


Indiegogo is a global store of technology who announces that they will launch their new product Hoteny Pro that offers great performance. This product is considered as the first smart doorbell that has dual motion detection and has WIFI radar video.

This amazing wireless also offers you its best features such as:

- Anti-gangster and burglar for houses
- Wide camera lens with 180 degrees
- Camera lens pixels of 3MEGA
- HD video of 1080P and has the ability to record and automatically save in Cloud
- Live view to the internet via smart phone app
- It has two audio channels
- Has rechargeable lithium battery that works effectively for almost three months
- Motion detection with 5M radar
- Bell chime and Wi-Fi adapter combo
- With 4.1x2.4XO.88 size and weight of 150g

Hoteny Pro is very ideal to most of the homes who want to provide real security for their belongings. Thus, it provides great sophistication for its design and impresses its users with its ultimate style as well as for its reliability.

The combination of its performance and form factor can offer a very convenient wireless doorbell device in home that is easy to use. Because of this, Hoteny Pro will soon be release at Indiegogo where they will provide lots of benefits to all the consumers in managing the safety of their property and belongings.

Another great thing about this product is it has warranty. Once the launching has been done, consumers will get notified on how they can avail it. Also a consumer has the big opportunity to receive special price from Indiegogo early bird once they purchase this product after their launching so it is best that every consumer should not miss this product.

The presale of Hoteny Pro is on 4/5/2017, know more at:

About Indiegogo:

This is the leading company that empowers the people to be united when it comes to the idea of life. They redefine the entrepreneurship to provide privilege to a right and have their own moment to do anything and seize the own success of an entrepreneur.

They are the company who believes to the passion and creativity to remove all the barriers to bring all the projects to life and get it connected to the entrepreneurs from global audience. They want to build something that will take you to the expert support and bring the real concept about the market for every product.

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