India, 20, July, 2012- The mechanical equipment and instruments always make use of ball bearings. Different instruments like optical devices, watches, microscope, etc. require ball bearings as one of the important parts. Formerly, the balls were made up of alloys and steel but they used to get affected by corrosion and heat. Thus, there ascended a need of other materials that could endure the harsh and acidic environment.


Several optical instruments including microscope lenses as well as slides make use of glass balls as they are optically very clear and precise. The precise glass balls if used; fulfill the need of displaying the flow rates of fluids. Ball lens are quite reasonable and can be utilized for sight indication in rota-meters of aircrafts as well as other aircraft instruments. The ball lens can also be made up of different jewels like sapphire and ruby. But it is very important to buy these precision balls from the right source to ensure effectiveness and superior quality with your work.


Industrial Jewels is a company that has had an experience of decades with the manufacturing of superior quality ball bearings and several other products. The products manufactured by this company are used in eighteen different types of industries. Whether it is a medical sector, metrology, IT, aviation or communications industry; it has always been availing supplies to these sectors. It is a global exporter and has been exporting its products to more than 21 countries. The Government of India gave recognition to this company in the year 2003 and since then, it has always been awarded for its outstanding performance.


The spokesperson of the company was contacted and he was delighted to speak with us. He said that – “It is indeed an honor to be appreciated every year by the Government of India for our services. We are proud of delivering our products to more than 172 industries all over the world.“ He further added that “Whether it is a glass ball or a half ball, we are the producers of approximately 30 million parts every year.


Industrial Jewels produces half ball lens that can be used for an array of applications in optical and medical sectors. The Glass ball lens utilized for the smooth working of diagnostic instruments is also manufactured by this company. Industrial Jewels has an ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification and it strives to fulfill the demands of customers all over the world. The company utilizes innovative systems and production methods to create an unimaginable output. When it comes to buying micro precision products, this company is an ultimate source. It produces customized parts according to the requirements of the clients. The company has always been consistent and best when it comes to producing high precision quality products. These products are made up of ultra-hard materials as well as jewels like sapphire and ruby. This company is undoubtedly the best forum to avail reasonable and superior quality products.


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