(in)dwelling, an Eclectic Home Goods Store, Brings a Breath of Fresh Air to the City of Redding

21 Mar

Redding, CA: The up-and-coming city of Redding has seen its fair share of furniture stores, but never before has it experienced a retail presence quite like that of (in)dwelling. (in)dwelling is a newly opened home goods store that is redefining self-expression through home decor.

(in)dwelling is quickly becoming popular among Redding residents, and for good reason: it offers inventory that cannot be found elsewhere. This vibrant, whimsical store carries products such as modern handcrafted rugs, international furniture, and items crafted from reclaimed wood and chrome leather linen, for example.

Seekers of unusual home items can expect to find tables, sofas, beds, chairs, lighting, and accessories like mirrors and handcrafted rugs at the inspirational space known as (in)dwelling. All living spaces will benefit from (in)dwelling’s furniture, accessories and art objects. No room is too small or insignificant to be bathed in personal style. Patrons of this one-of-a-kind store are finding the items they need to create spaces in which they can live and dream.

(in)dwelling isn’t only home to unique furniture, it also serves as a platform for local artists. Pieces by artists in and around Redding are featured at (in)dwelling. This combination of diverse furniture and handcrafted art creates an organic atmosphere that is thick with originality.

It should be noted that (in)dwelling is not a smaller version of World Market. On the contrary, it is altogether diverse in its offering of furniture, art and home items. (in)dwelling is not merely a home goods store, it is an outlet through which artistic individuals can express themselves in the setup of their living spaces. Patrons who are tired of cookie cutter home decor will find (in)dwelling to be an urban wonderland of vintage-style artisan furniture and home accessories.

Individuals are recognizing kindred spirits in Andrea and Gildesh, the husband and wife owners of (in)dwelling. Andrea has been frequenting furniture markets since her youth, and Gildesh is a welder. These two are using their rich history with and knowledge of furniture and art to create a store that beckons to the hearts of fellow bohemians.

It’s the belief of the owners of (in)dwelling that objects in a home help to create experiences. Andrea and Gildesh assert that people “want to dwell and linger in spaces that not only inspire, but also reflect what’s inside of someone.” This deep understanding of the human need for self-expression sets Andrea and Gildesh apart as individuals who are as novel as the business they own.

(in)dwelling is a locally owned, family-run business located in Redding, California. Stop by 1760 California Street and see for yourself the new breed of artisan home goods that (in)dwelling is proud to offer.

Contact: (in)dwelling Furniture + Art Objects, 530-361-6727 www.indwellinghome.com