Intelligent Airwheel two wheeled electric Z3 Makes the World More Colorful

08 Feb

08, February 2016: James is a writer. His favorite hobby is travelling. Through travelling, he sees beautiful scenery, experiences different customers and cultures and tries a variety of delicious foods. He found himself become positive after seeing how big and beautiful the world is and got many inspirations for his writing. These years, he has a new travel partner. That is Airwheel electric scooter Z3, which makes his travel more comfortable and unforgettable.


In winter, James always goes to see the snow covered landscape. The white and pure snow covers everything, makes the world quiet and calm. Riding Airwheel electric motor Z3 to see the snow scenery, James never need to worry the snow will make his shoes wet. As the tires of Z3 is high quality with strong ground holding ability, it assures James to ride on it stably even on the snow. What’s more, the position of battery of Z3 is higher than other products. Therefore, it helps to prevent riders from electric shock.

Spring is the season for rebirth and growth. James likes to go to the forest to breathe the fresh air. The green trees and colorful flowers relax his body and mind. Compare to the wide asphalt roads, James prefers go through the narrow woodland paths. However, cars are unable to get in them. In this situation, Airwheel two wheels electric scooter Z3 becomes very useful. The small size of it allows it to get through narrow woodland paths. This largely saves James’ energy otherwise he has to go there on foot.


Travel is a good way to feel the world and learn to cherish people’s own life and their loved ones. With Airwheel electric scooter Z3, James can see the colorful world comfortably.

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