Jobomotive is Working Hard to Reduce Nigeria`s Unemployment

06 Sep

Jobomotive has increased efforts to fight a rise in unemployment stats in Nigeria. The site is advocating for the two ends of the employment spectrum, which is very important to reduce jobless stats as soon as possible.

The second quarter report of 2015 showed an increase of 1.3 million people in Nigeria who were unemployed. In fact, six million Nigerians were unemployed on that date. In an effort to diminish Nigeria´s unemployment stats, Jobomotive has been increasing its efforts.

Jobomotive is an education advancement and staffing advocate in Nigeria.

Companies Involved
Jumia, Deal Dey, and IrokoTV were responsible for the major layoffs in those days. Fisayo Adaobi of Jobomotive went on to say that the firm is working hard to help those who were hardest hit by the massive layoffs and that the company is also helping a lot of recent university graduates find jobs as soon as possible.

However, a lot of companies around the world are desperately seeking candidates to fill new, crucial positions right away.
Jobomotive is also trying to forge ahead to get the most out of this momentum in the job market, and the firm is also doing its job of connecting businesses with job seekers quickly and easily.

Varied Services
Jobomotive, a Amore Porta Group, serves the employment sectors in many ways including connecting businesses seeking disciplined members to fill key positions. Those who want to advance their careers just have to visit the firm´s website, as the company has a specials section to address this.

Jobomotive also covers health care, oil and gas, security, finance, education, and many other industries.
Jobomotive is also working to keep the firm ahead of the industry. There are also a lot of information about academic opportunities at Jobomotive´s website.

Jobomotive knows very well the industry the firm is serving. The company finds a wide array of candidates from new graduates to people with tons of years of experience in a particular field. Practical experience, education, training-based certifications, and track record of employment are just a few things that Jobomotive takes into consideration when the firm has to recommend a potential employee to any employer out there.

Jobomotive has a lot of confidence in the Nigerian job market, and this is the reason why the firm is working hard to get results for both employees and employers. In addition, Jobomotive deals with the specific requirements of employers, and this will allow the firm to get the right candidate for the right company at all times. The company also knows how to increase both the money and morale of the parts involved in the process.

About Jobomotive: is a  company that is committed to reducing Nigeria´s unemployment rate. The firm specializes in finding the right candidates for the right companies.

The company does this by finding out a candidate´s experience in a particular industry, years of experience in the field, and academic qualifications. These are the things that employers need to know, and Jobomotive is here to help these employers find out what they are looking for in the job market these days quickly and easily. People who desired to enhance their quality of life can visit Jobomotive´s website so they can get what they want in no time.