Jubilee Community Centre presents its place for rent

04 Mar

East Grinstead, UK, 4th March 2014: A community centre serves as a place where people meet and greet each other. It also serves as a place for guests to reside on visits for different occasions. In East Grinstead, a part of West Sussex where there are quite a few community centres, Jubilee Community centre acts as a place for social functions and rental. The centre has been built with a view to fulfil the objective of serving the local community and has been maintained by the Jubilee Community Church for over 30 years. 

The entire premises comprises of 44,000 sq. ft. which has been bought as well as refurbished by the local church members. The centre serves all the needs of the church activities while providing the modern and flexible resource to the individuals as well as the business communities. The primary aim of building the premises is enhancing the quality of life of the locals and providing them with educational, health, leisure opportunities and well-being. The centre offers boardrooms for meeting room, seminar, training conference, sports hall, etc. All these places are provided at affordable rates and initiates to serve the people who are not so well-off within the society. The incomes it generates are also used for funding 6 charities. A certain percentage is provided to these charities that are involved in working for the poor in the country as well as abroad. 

The Jubilee Community Centre is led by a team of people who belong to the local community. The idea is to look forward to discuss the facilities which can be adopted for meeting the needs. The centre has also been refurbished by the members of the Community to enhance the modern as well as flexible resources used within. So for people looking forward to hold events and society gatherings in the local purview can get in touch with the authorities and get it rented for a competitive price. 

In order to know more about the community and their services along with the offerings this centre has people can visit the place in person. If they cannot do so then they may visit their website and know more about the centre. The centre offers people with room hire services, sports hall, weddings venue, etc. The website lists all the activities which could be planned and gives out great pictures of the events which were organized earlier. Thus, people can get a better view about the place and understand if it could be a place where they could organize their events. 

About Jubilee Community Centre: 

Website: http://www.jubileecommunitycentre.co.uk/ 

Jubilee Community Centre is located in East Grinstead. The centre is available for rent to organize different kind of activities and has been maintained by the Church for over 30 years.